checking in

Update: On October 25th I posted a list of things I would do in my new home that I would enjoy and would make me a better person.  I’ve now been in my new home nearly three months (!) so let’s see how I’ve done!!  This is kind of a gap analysis and also a tool to help me focus on the positive.  All I’ve been seeing lately are the gaps between where I want to be and where I am, and it’s important for me to look at where I am now compared to where I used to be.  Because I can’t have it all right now.  I shouldn’t.  That would be boring.  But I hope this will make me feel less crazy.  🙂

  • Be neat-ish

I have not really been that neat.  the problem is I don’t have a closet and it has taken a while to get all my proper systems in place.   I haven’t yet.  Also, I am messy by nature.  but once I get my bookshelf finished and my laundry basket empty, that will help a lot.

  • Go to the farmers market

Nope, not here either.  The Farmer’s Market ENDS at 10am.  10am Saturdays are when I’m still lying in bed feeling happy!  Some day.  Maybe in spring.

  • Cook

Yay!  I love cooking!  I don’t do it as much as I’d like to but I like to have lunch to take, and I’ve been experimenting with foods (quinoa!) and it’s cheaper and fun and wholesome.  also my roommates like to have dinner so sometimes we all cook together and it’s very charming.

  • Do yoga

There is a yoga studio 2 blocks from my house and I LOVE IT!  I haven’t gone recently because passes are expensive (but worth it) AND I’ve been training for a race, but once I get my tax refund I’ll start going back sometimes.  It makes me feel sooooo good.  Also I have my own mat so if I could figure out how to do a home practice, that would be good too.

  • Run

YES!  I signed up for the 10-mile Cherry Blossom Race in April because I am crazy.   Also, it is awesome!  It’s in DC and goes through all the monuments and stuff, and when all the cherry blossoms are out.  I’m scared because there’s a time limit which will require me to keep a 14-minute mile pace for 10 miles, which I currently cannot do.  But it makes me feel really good to go out and run and see how I’ve grown and I think in 3 months (omg 2 and a half!) I will be ready to go!  It’s the first time I’ve worked for a time goal.  Also I’ve got friends training for it so that really helps, too.  This is a current source of joy in my life.

  • Go to museums, cultural events, hangs

My excuse for this is I was dating a boy who took up all my extra time.  Also, by the time I work a full week, weekends are for laziness.  I will have to really work hard to motivate to do these things because of allllll the awesomeness around here!

  • Read books

YAY!  I have a library card for 3 area libraries.  I’ve been working my way through the books I’ve bought previously and never read.  Oh it feels so good.

  • Walk

The definition of this one was more about walking to get places.  Old Town Alexandria is very walkable and that was something I really really wanted.  It makes me feel more connected to my life, and also helps keep me moving.  And I’ve done it!  I walk to the metro every morning as part of my commute, and even when the weather is horrible, it makes me feel good.  Also, very close to me are my coffee shop and my yoga studio and allll the little shops and whatnot.  I’ve got grocery stores and pharmacies in walking distance.  Basically the only places I drive are the gym (ironically) and Target.  I love the freedom of just going.

  • Go to trader joe’s

I finally lost my Trader Joe’s virginity!  I’ve only been once but it is a wonderland.  Generally speaking, I’m getting much better at grocery shopping.

  • Window shop

The key is to not go inside.

  • Write

So far I’ve just been journaling, but that is a wonderful thing that makes me feel good and helps me work out the kinks in my life.

  • Make art

I haven’t yet.  I don’t know what kind of art it would be.  but I feel like, with the writing, this would be easier with a sanctuary, which means…. clean room!

  • Light candles

I don’t think I’ve lit candles just for fun but I did light my menorah for most of Hanukkah when I was home, and that was very nice.

  • Go for walks

These are walks for health, not for transportation.  I have done some of it! I will do more when it’s better weather.  But they are are lovely.  Old Town is beautiful and, well, old.  I love it.  The other night I had a lot on my mind and decided I wanted cake.  But I didn’t have cake at home!   So I could have driven to the store to get cake (it was cold and dark). Instead I bundled up, walked to Whole Foods, looked at the cake, and got flowers instead.  It felt like a very healthy thing.  Yay progress!

  • Play music

I’ve played music for sure, but the idea behind this one was to use it to set an atmosphere, which I haven’t yet done.  I think this is related to two things – one, the whole room-as-my-sanctuary thing that I haven’t yet established.  also, I haven’t bought music and ages so my mp3s are getting a little worn out and don’t really function as mood music for me.

  • Make my bed (sometimes)

It really does help.

  • Color-coordinate

Not yet although I have some Christmas money that was specifically designated for my home so I may invest in new curtains and sheets YAY!

  • Drink coffee or tea in the mornings, over breakfast, before I leave for work

This often makes me late for work but I love it.  I would be a morning person if I didn’t love sleep so much.  So now I’m a mid-morning person who’s always running late.  Oh well, work doesn’t care.

  • Make challah french toast


  • Garden

I considered planting tulip bulbs in November but didn’t get around to it.  I look out into our little back yard and envision making it a wonderland.  Depending on my financial situation in springtime, it would be a really fun thing to do.

  • Wake up before 10 on weekends

Not always, but usually!  If I’m awake before 10 it means I can laze around in bed, then get up and putter around with coffee and a newspaper or whatever and still have a day in which to do real things.

  • Get out of the city

Doing this kind of makes me nervous, in the sense that I don’t know how to approach it.  Really I guess I should just do it.  I went out hiking and canoeing with the Brit in September and it was WONDERFUL to be out in nature doing stuff.  Also, I was really struck when I was back in Colorado for Thanksgiving by all the wide open space.  Even on the trip back from the airport, I was amazed how much nothingness there was.  Rock Creek Park in DC is really beautiful, and there are little parks all over, and I see tress all the time, but it’s just not the same.  So I guess the idea is to venture out into Virginia more often.  Part of what holds me back is money (I’d love to make weekend trips but can’t really afford it right now), and not really having anyone to go with.  also, laziness and fear of the unknown.  🙂  Weekends I just want to relax!  so I need to continually remind myself to kick my own butt and keep moving.  But I will also lay off of myself on this one until springtime.

Yay! I feel good.  Yay for happiness and for goalsetting and coping mechanisms.


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